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Steve Harris - The art of voice NY
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NEW YORK CITY is this country's largest production center for voice-over work. Successful voice-over talents often earn thousands of dollars in session fees and residuals, and more frequently than not, in less time than a half hour of work. Becoming a successful voice-over talent for television and radio commercials, promos, audio books, movie trailers, animation features and corporate/educational narration media, absolutely requires the utmost degree of talent, skill and professionalism. The competition level is very high, and highly skilled talents consistently book voice-over session work. As in learning to master any fine skill or art form, the essential elements to becoming a successful voice-over talent include dedicated, disciplined practice of the craft and most significantly, professional individual training. Even the most experienced actors, benefit from voice-over technique and performance skills training.

THE ART OF VOICE®, since 1984, is New York's most professional and master level voice-over training / coaching program with complete state of the art audio demo reel production, for serious minded aspiring voice-over talents. The training program is complete and covers everything from copy reading talent techniques and performance skills, all the way up to the end game of demo reel production and voice-over marketing strategies.

Each The Art of Voice client ends up with a one-of-a-kind signature competitive demo reel ready for marketing and distribution. An important accompanying component to the demo reel, is an exclusive The Art of Voice Contacts Directory®, a complete source guide of 1000 leading voice-over advertising agencies, commercial spot producers, television network and cable promo producers, talent agents, managers, casting directors, animation features producers, corporate/educational media producers and audio book producers. This exclusive contact list, literally gives talent direct access information to all voice-over work employers and subsequently, potential voice-over work.

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